My Melody Ceramic Bowl w/ Lid 陶瓷碗連蓋



產品詳情 產品名稱: My Melody 陶瓷碗連蓋 型號.: 9-7666-1 尺寸: 15Dia. x 7.5H/cm 物料: 新骨瓷 (碗), PP及矽膠 (蓋) 精美造型,包含陶瓷碗及有氣孔蓋。 陶瓷碗容量超級大 (900ml),可用於盛截湯麵、飯、家常小菜或沙律。 配搭有氣孔蓋,可連蓋一併放於微波爐加熱,避免食物混味。 無論是自用,還是送禮,也很推薦喔~ 注意事項: • 不可放入焗爐使用 • 碗及膠蓋可放入雪櫃,微波爐 • 翻熱時, 必須打開蓋上氣孔 • 冷藏時, 請關上蓋上的氣孔 安全警告: • 不適合五歲以下兒童使用 • 請在成年人指導下使用 Product Detail Product Name: My Melody Ceramic Bowl w/ Lid Model No.: 9-7666-1 Size: Bowl: 15Dia. x 7.5H/cm Material: New Bone China (Bowl), PP & Silicone (Lid) Ceramic bowl with air-hold lid is suitable for gift choice. Attractive Sanrio characters design delighting your life. This bowl is big enough (900ml) to fit either a whole box of cereal, noodles, rice or salad! Perfect for daily use, and a great gift for your family or friends! Cautions: • Not suitable for oven • Microwave, freezer safe • Open the air-hole of the lid when reheating in microwave • Close the air-hole of the lid when storing food in refrigerator Safety Warning: • Not recommended for children under 5 • Please use under supervision of adult