The Runabouts Kid's Rain Poncho (L) 小童披肩雨衣-大碼


Product Detail

Product Name: The Runabouts Kid's Rain Poncho (L) 
Model No.: 9-6206-6
Size: 126W x 82H cm / Drawstring Bag: 18W x 21H cm
Material: Pongee Fabric
Comfortable soft touch design for kids freely enjoying rain protection.
It is made of pongee fabric, which is breathable, light and durable.
Even in the rainy days, kids can go out with a good mood.
Attached a beautiful drawstring bag for carrying and storing raincoat.

✔ Suitable Height Range: 110 ~ 130 cm
✔ Water Repellent: durable to protect your kids from rainy weather
✔ Transparent PVC Screen on hat: a good shelter from rain with a wide field of vision
✔ Adjustable pleat: for both School and Leisure.
Poncho can be enlarged to cover the school bag
✔ Reflective Webbing: protect for kids night safety
✔ Name label inside

Safety Warning: Please use under supervision of adult.
1. Drip dry and keep at place with proper ventilation after use
2. Water repellency may weaken after wet or dry cleaning
3. Please do not tumble dry



產品名稱: The Runabouts 小童披肩雨衣-大碼
型號.: 9-6206-6
尺寸: 126W x 82H cm / 索口袋: 18W x 21H cm
物料: 春亞紡布料

✔適合身高 110 ~ 130 cm
✔防潑水塗層: 保護小朋友免受雨水淋濕
✔透明屏幕式雨帽: 能阻檔雨水而又保持廣闊視野
✔調教式褶位背幅: 適合閒時及上學使用。啪鈕鬆開後,能增加闊度來容納書包
✔反光邊帶設計: 提高小朋友晚間活動的安全性

安全警告: 請在成人指導下使用。
1. 在水洗或乾洗後,潑水能力可能會減弱
2. 請勿使用機器乾衣
3. 使用後請自然晾乾,並收藏在通風良好的地方


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