My Melody Glass Food Container 多用途耐熱/冷玻璃餐盒 (800ML)

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Product Detail

Product Name: My Melody Glass Food Container (800ML)
Model No.: 9-7251-1
Size: 16.3W x 16.3L x 7.1H cm
Material: Glass
Great for taking your lunch to work / school, or use for food storage.
Made of lead-free and heat resistant glass, with cute My Melody design on lid.
Keeps food fresh and preserves aromas and flavors.
Look more delicious and can’t waiting for lunch time♪

Instruction for Use
  • Can be used in microwave, oven, dishwasher and refrigerator
  • Please remove the plastic lid before heating as it may be damaged by high temperature.
  • Do not cover container with aluminum foil when heating
  • Do not place container directly on stove for heating 

Safety Warning: Not recommended for children under 3.
This is a fragile product, please use under supervision of adult.


產品名稱: My Melody 多用途耐熱/冷玻璃餐盒 (800ML)
型號.: 9-7251-1
尺寸: 16.3W x 16.3L x 7.1H cm
物料: 玻璃
不少學生/ 上班族為了健康,都會選擇帶飯,
除了可保存食物的鮮味, 配上餐蓋上可愛的My Melody圖案,

  • 採用耐熱不含鉛玻璃,適用於微波爐、焗爐、洗碗碟機及雪櫃。
  • 加熱餐盒前,請先移除盒蓋以免受高溫影響導致變形。
  • 加熱時切勿以鋁紙包覆
  • 切勿用明火直接加熱餐盒 

安全警告: 不適合三歲以下兒童使用。

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