Little Twin Stars Kid's Nylon Backpack 小童尼龍背囊


Product Detail

Product Name: Little Twin Stars Kid's Nylon Backpack 
Model No.: 9-6887-9
Size: 24.5W x 35H x 12D cm
Material: Nylon
Girly Little Twin Stars kid’s nylon backpack catch everybody’s eye.
Using light purple tone colour, design with starry sky and constellation theme.
Suitable for your little girl, use for outdoor or extracurricular activities.
Comfortable, lightweight and large capacity design.

Product Details:
  • Retractable shoulder straps: suits different height of kids
  • Breast strap: stay secure and prevent shoulder strap slip around shoulders
  • Elastic side water bottle pockets
  • Single front pocket & inner pocket
  • Two-way zipper design

Safety Warning: Please use under supervision of adult.


產品名稱: Little Twin Stars 小童尼龍背囊
型號.: 9-6887-9
尺寸: 24.5W x 35H x 12D cm
物料: 尼龍
夢幻主題的Little Twin Stars小童尼龍背囊,選用了淡紫色作主色,
適合出外遊玩/ 課外活動場合使用。

  • 可調節的舒適肩帶,配合不同身高的小朋友
  • 附有胸扣,防止肩帶滑落,更加貼合穩固上半身,減少行走時背包搖晃的情況
  • 兩旁水樽格附有索扣,減少東西掉落機會
  • 內附有一個暗格
  • 雙向拉鏈設計

安全警告: 請在成人指導下使用。

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