Hummingmint Teens Backpack 中童背囊

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Product Detail

Product Name: Hummingmint Teens Backpack
Model No.: 9-7280-3
Size: 42H x 30W x 15.5D cm
Weight: 545g
Material: Polyester
Suitable for school bag or casual use
Designed with lightweight material which can reduce the pressure on shoulders.
The built-in back panel keep weight close to back for dispersing weight.
A hidden pocket on back side is suitable for important belongings.
Multiple compartment for practical and effective storage.

School Bag Features:
  • Breathable padding: Designed according to body curve structure, cushioning back pressure.
  • Comfortable shoulder straps: Let the weight equally disperse both sides and close to the back.
  • Chest strap: Hold the shoulder straps against sliding sideways. Maintain the stability.
  • Hidden pocket on back side
Safety Warning: Please use under supervision of adult.
No maintenance will be provided. 


產品名稱: Hummingmint 中童背囊
型號.: 9-7280-3
尺寸: 42H x 30W x 15.5D cm
重量: 545g
物料: 聚酯纖維

  • 透氣舒適背墊: 依照人體曲線結構設計,舒緩背部壓力
  • 舒適闊肩帶: 使重量平均分散於兩肩並緊貼背部
  • 可調胸帶: 使肩帶不會下滑,有助固定書包
  • 隱藏式拉鍊袋
    安全警告: 請在成人指導下使用。

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