Hello Kitty Magic Plastic Pencase 魔術按掣筆盒


Product Detail

Product Name: Hello Kitty Magic Plastic Pencase 
Model No.: 9-7002-3
Size: 24.2W x 8.7H x 3.5D cm
Material: Plastic  
Multi-purpose magic plastic pencase fits different needs of students.
You can store your favorite stationery on both sides.
Front side: including 5 pencil clips & time table
Back side: 1 stationery storage space & name sticker

Features 5 buttons for unexpected useful function♪
1. Circle button: open 2 size pencil sharpener
2. Rectangle button A: elastic lifting pen holder
3. Rectangle button B: magnifier
4. Rectangle button C: open mini drawer for eraser/ little items
5. Rectangle button D: open and rotate 3-sided function stand (thermometer, hourglass, decoration)

Safety Warning: Please use under supervision of adult.



產品名稱: Hello Kitty 魔術按掣筆盒
型號.: 9-7002-3
尺寸: 24.2W x 8.7H x 3.5D cm
物料: 塑膠

1. 圓形按鈕: 打開筆刨器 (附有2種粗幼度的鉛筆插位)
2. 長方形按鈕A: 彈力升降筆架,容易取得所需文具
3. 長方形按鈕B: 打開放大鏡
4. 長方形按鈕C: 打開左下方的小抽屜,可擺放擦膠/小物
5. 長方形按鈕D: 打開後,可隨意轉動3面功能架 (溫度計、沙漏、精美圖案擺設)

安全警告: 請在成人指導下使用。


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