Batman HB Pencil – Hexagon Shape (6 Pcs) 6支裝"六角形"鉛筆


Product Detail

Product Name: Batman HB Pencil – Hexagon Shape (6 Pcs) 
Model No.: B1-7232-2
Size: 7.2W x 17.7H x 8L cm
Material: Wood, Graphene
Box of 6 HB pencils. Suitable for school, office or any writing works.
Printed with Batman character design, enriching your daily life.
High quality break resistant lead pencils in HB point strength.
Conforms to European Safety Standard EN 71 Part 3.
Must-have item for your daily writing works!
For other character designs, click here for more details.

Safety Warning: Not Recommended for children under 3.
Please use under supervision of adult.


產品名稱: Batman 6支裝"六角形"鉛筆
型號.: B1-7232-2
尺寸: 7.2W x 17.7H x 8L cm
物料: 木, 石墨
符合歐洲安全標準EN 71 Part 3

安全警告: 不適合三歲以下之兒童。

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