Little Twin Stars Fondue Set 火鍋套裝

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Product Detail

Product Name: Little Twin Stars Fondue Set 
Model No.: 9-6836-1
Size: Bowl: 11.8Dia x 8H cm, Furnace: 11Dia x 8H cm
Material: Ceramic
Enjoy chocolate and cheese with using pretty fondue set during the X'mas and specail moment. This product uses Lead and Cadmium-free materials which complies with EU Food Grade.
Safety Warning: Do not heat the pot or furnace on direct fire.
Suitable for microwave, dish washer and oven.
Tealight can be last for 2-3 hours generally.
Please use under supervision of adult.


產品名稱: Little Twin Stars 火鍋套裝
型號.: 9-6836-1
尺寸: 鍋: 11.8Dia x 8H cm, 爐: 11Dia x 8H cm
物料: 陶瓷
與家人、伴侶於聖誕節及特別時刻一起享用朱古力及芝士火鍋,感受溫暖時光。產品採用無鉛無鎘物料, 並已通過歐洲食品安全標準測試。
安全警告: 不能直接明火使用。

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