About Us 關於我們

Manis provides large range of international character products to parents, children and teenagers which delighting their life. The products of Manis includes stationeries, trendy accessories, bags, gifts and housewares to meet different customers’ needs. You could find your favourite character products in Manis, such as Hello Kitty, My Melody, Little Twin Stars, Minna No Tabo, Doreamon, Garfield and Moomin etc.

Dream Capsule is a local original character design brand such as the popular characters Bunny King, Bubble Dolphins and Bump & Go, you could find their products in Manis as well.

Nowadays, there are 18 Manis retail counters and shops in major department stores such as SOGO, YATA, CITISTORE, AEON, please click “Our Shop” for more details.

Manis為家長、小朋友和年輕人提供多元化卡通品牌產品選擇,使生活更添色彩。產品種類包括文具、潮流飾品、背包袋類、禮品、家居用品等,迎合不同人士的需要,深受各界歡迎。您可於Manis尋找心愛的卡通人物產品,如Hello Kitty、My Melody、Little Twin Stars、大口仔、多啦A夢、加菲貓及姆明等。

Dream Capsule是本地原創人物品牌,如受大衆愛戴的Bunny King、Bubble Dolphins及Bump & Go的產品亦於各大Manis連鎖店及專櫃有售 !


All products selling in Manis are 100% real and we got a “No Fake Pledge” label issued by the Intellectual Property Department.