Cinnamoroll Glass Food Container (640ml) 多用途耐熱/ 冷玻璃餐盒 (640ml)



產品詳情 產品名稱: Cinnamoroll 多用途耐熱/ 冷玻璃餐盒 (640ml) 型號: 9-7724-3 尺寸 • 闊度: 18.2cm • 高度: 13.8cm • 深度: 6.2cm 物料: • 高硼硅玻璃 • MS+硅膠圈 • 適用於微波爐、焗爐、雪櫃、洗碗碟機 • 適合上學、工作、露營等不同場合使用 • 推薦當作午餐便當、水果保鮮或是零食收納盒 ♪ 使用說明: • 盒身耐熱溫度: 400°C / 耐冷溫度: -10°C • 首次使用前或使用後,用中性的清潔劑加於海綿或較柔軟的布上,然後以微溫的水加以清洗。 • 上蓋不可放入微波爐加熱。 • 切勿將上蓋放入洗碗碟機清洗及放於接近火源之處。 • 此盒非完成密封,一旦受振動或橫放,可能會有滲漏發生。 • 請注意當放入有合成色素或氣味強烈的食物後,其色素或氣味可能會殘留於盒蓋或容器上。 •檸檬等柑橘類的皮,化學品烯或油脂等,可能導致產品的印刷或塑膠材料變質。 • 清洗後請確保產品充分乾透後才蓋上蓋子。 安全警告: 不適合三歲以下兒童使用。 請在成年人指導下使用。 Product Detail Product Name: Cinnamoroll Glass Food Container (640ml) Model No.: 9-7724-3 Size: • Width: 18.2cm • Height: 13.8cm • Depth: 6.2cm Material • Barosilicate Glass • Silicone Ring • Suitable for microwave, ,oven, refrigerator and dishwasher. • Good sealing performance, perfect to use as a fruit/ snack box. • Suitable for making healthy lunch boxes for children too. • Must-have item for school, work, camping etc. Cautions: • Body Max. Temp: 400°C / Min. Temp: -10°C. • It is recommended to use mild detergent and soft sponge to wash gently and rinse with warm water in first use or after use. • Take out the lid before using microwave. •Do not wash in dishwasher and keep away from ire. •This box is not sealed completely. Leakage may happen when shaking it or putting it obliquely. •Food which contains artificial coloring or strong odor may remain in the covering or box. •Lemon/ orange peels, terpene or oily fat may deform the prints and plastic material of the box. •Make sure this box is completely dry before putting back the cover. Safety Warning: Not recommended for children under 3. Please use under supervision of adult.

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