Ahiru No Pekkle 540ml Silicone Lunch Box 矽膠餐盒 (可摺疊)



產品詳情 產品名稱: Ahiru No Pekkle 540ml 矽膠餐盒 (可摺疊) 型號.: 9-7625-2 尺寸: 16.5W x 10.5H x 6.6D cm (摺疊後尺寸: 16.5W x 10.5H x 3D cm) 物料: 矽膠 可摺疊的環保矽膠餐盒,方便攜帶及儲存食物, 收納不佔空間,密封性能良好, 柔韌耐用。 適合上學、工作、露營等不同場合使用, 推薦當作午餐便當、水果保鮮或是零食收納盒♪ 產品已通過美國FDA食品接觸材料測試,可安心使用。 使用說明: • 適用於微波爐、雪櫃及洗碗碟機,不適用於焗爐。 • 矽膠本體耐熱溫度: 230°C / 耐冷溫度: -40°C • 此盒只作翻熱食物用途,使用時避免加熱多油多糖份食物。 • 將溫和清潔劑加於海綿或較柔軟的布上,然後以清水加以清洗。 • 清洗後請確保產品充分乾透後才蓋上盒蓋。 安全警告: 不適合三歲以下兒童使用。 請在成年人指導下使用。 Product Detail Product Name: Ahiru No Pekkle 540ml Silicone Lunch Box (Expandable & Collapsible) Model No.: 9-7625-2 Size: 16.5W x 10.5H x 6.6D cm (Collapsed Size: 16.5W x 10.5H x 3D cm) Material: Silicone Foldable design for easy storage and carrying. Good sealing performance, perfect to use as a fruit/ snack box. Suitable for making healthy lunch boxes for children too. Must-have item for school, work, camping etc. This product complies with U.S. FDA food contact substances requirement. Cautions: • Suitable for microwave, refrigerator and dishwasher. Not suitable for oven. • Silicone Max. Temp: 230°C / Min. Temp: -40°C • For heating only, avoid heating oily and high sugar foods. • Please clean with mild detergent and sponge or soft cloth. • After washing, please let the container dry completely before covering the lid.

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